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How much does it cost to build a website? Prices compared

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Cost of Drupal web site.

This comparison includes websites of different sized organizations, varying all the way from globally operating companies with several thousand employees to quite small non-profit organizations acting locally in Finland. The needs for websites were of course very versatile, but all the sites had some special difficulties from the CMS point of view. That is to say that this comparison does not include straightforward simple and small sites with just few pages.


Prices by CMS product

When comparing different CMS products (see table below) offered for a website renewal project, there is considerable variation especially in the project size.

Product Project size full-time workdays (average) Project size full-time workdays (median) Project price in euros (average) Project price in euros (median) Hourly rate in euros (average) Hourly rate in euros (median)
Drupal 176 135 137,913 109,125 106 107
EPiServer 175 154 125,747 108,497 97 98
Liferay 154 111 102,986 70,940 88 88
WordPress 68 56 52,803 50,625 104 100
CMS developed by the vendor 75 64 51,933 45,656 94 83
Other 275 106 220,430 84,995 101 99
All 169.42 119.00 127,897.40 92,415.00 99.29 98.99


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How much does my Drupal site cost?


An experienced freelance Drupal developer (not off-shore/outsourced to India or similar), I'd expect a rate of around $50/hour US or more. Maybe a bit less for a younger or less experienced developer. An expert programmer may be over $100/hour

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How Much Does a Website Cost ? 


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