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Entity Update

Submitted by editor on Sat, 11/25/2017 - 18:53

The main objective of the module Entity Update is allowed module developer and site administrators to update entity types schema even entities have data.
The update can execute by drush command (recommended), from web browser or Programmatically.

- The entity update may damage your database, therefor backup the database before any action.
- For the production sites, Test twice on a nonproduction site and put the site into maintain mode before any execution.
- If you use this module, you are conscience what you are doing.
You are the responsible of your work.



Download via composer and install via drush
composer require drupal/entity_update
drush en entity_update -y

Download and install via drush
drush en entity_update -y

Actions and Displays

No need to configure the module, but you can check Entities update status via:
- Administration -> Configuration -> Development -> Entity Update.
- Link : /admin/config/development/entity-update.

Permission : Administer software updates


The module provide a test module entity_update_tests with configurable fields.
Configuration : /admin/config/development/entity-update/tests

Usage Examples : entity-update (Via drush)

Drush command : entity-update
Alias : upe

1. Show Entities to update
drush upe --show

2. Update All Entities.
drush upe --all

3. Update without automatic database backup
Not recommended for --all, suitable for --basic
drush upe --basic --nobackup

4. Create entities from entity backup database.
If entity recreation failed (on drush upe --all), You can you this option to
create entities from entity backup database.
drush upe --rescue

5. Cleanup entity backup database
drush upe --clean

Usage Examples : entity-check

This command allow to show entities and entity types via drush.
Drush command : entity-check
Alias : upec

1. Show The summery of an entity type.
drush upec node

2. Show all entity types.
drush upec --types

3. Show all entity types contains "block".
drush upec block --types

4. Show 10 entities of the type 'node'.
drush upec node --list

5. Show all entities of the type 'node'.
drush upec node --list --length=0

6. Show 3 entities from 2 of the type 'node'.
drush upec node --list --start=2 --length=3


Entity Update Module

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