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XDebug - Install and configure with NetBeans

Submitted by editor on Sun, 01/24/2016 - 12:23

How to install and configure Xdebug With an IDE (NetBeans, PHPStome ...) ?

Step 1. Install Xdebug
If not already ainstalled, Install Xdebug (I'ts already on the package WAML, LAMP, MAMP)
In Linux Debian/Ubuntu/Mint
# sudo apt-get install php5-xdebug

Step 2. Configure the server
Open php.ini and add:
;The path to the xdebug extention , If not already added


;IP of your debuging computer ( if you use a local server)
;NOTE : Ff you use a VirtualBox VM, Probably you can use the IP
;A key to identify your IDE

Step 3. Configure your IDE
On Netbeans, Project properties->Run Configuration -> Project Url (Set project URL

Step 4. Configure web browser
- Install xdebug extention on your web browser (On FireFox / Chrome ...)
- Configure with your IDE Key : netbeans-xdebug

Finally, (on NetBeans)

  • Add a BreackPoint (where you want !!!)
  • Run your project in debug mode (Ctrl + F5)
  • You can:
    • View Variables
    • Step over ( F8 )
    • Step Into ( F7 )
    • Step Out ( Ctrl + F7 )
    • Run to cursor ( F4 )
    • Continue ( F5 )


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