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Install GitLab Community Edition

Submitted by editor on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 10:18

How to install gitlab GitLab Community Edition on linux ?

The official tutorial is hear :
CE or EE :

Install Community Edition on Debian Linux.

Prepare: Install and configure the necessary dependencies

sudo apt-get install -y curl openssh-server ca-certificates
sudo apt-get install -y postfix

Install GitLab

(Replace by your git domain name or add to hosts)

curl -sS | sudo bash
sudo EXTERNAL_URL="" apt-get install gitlab-ce

Visit and Use the default account's username root to login.

Documentation :


GitLab configuration

Edit configuration file : 

Note : GitLab was unable to detect a valid hostname for your instance. Please configure a URL for your GitLab instance by setting `external_url`

Reload configuration:
sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

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