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Some Features commands (drush)

Submitted by editor on Mon, 01/11/2016 - 16:25

How to enable a feature using drush command ?
How to revert a feature using drush cli ?
How to revert all features using drush command ?
How to recreate a feature using drush cli (update a feature) ?

Enable a Features
drush en feature_name

Revert a feature
drush fr freture_name

Revert all features
drush fra -y
#OR Also
drush fr-all

Recreate a Feature (Update a Feature)
drush fu freture_name

Disable a feature

To disable a feature, visit the Feature administration page (/admin/structure/features), deselect the appropriate checkbox and Save settings.
CAUTION : Disabling the feature module is supposed to also disable all the functionality that was defined by it. That is, remove node types that were created by it, etc...

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